Lasting Powers of Attorney Services

Lasting Powers of Attorney enable you to nominate who will make decisions on your behalf, when you have lost the ability to do so yourself.

Alex Truesdale Wills, experts in Will writing and estate planning, offer a comprehensive service to ensure your LPAs, both personal and business, are drafted professionally.

Peace of mind for the present, protection for the future.

Call: 07887 946557 to discuss your Will writing and estate planning needs.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Responsible life planning includes safeguarding your interests. One way of doing this is through making Lasting Powers of Attorney. Life can be unpredictable; accidents and illnesses can happen at any time, and LPAs offer peace of mind knowing that someone you trust will make decisions on your behalf when you cannot.

An LPA is a powerful document and an effective insurance policy against losing your mental capacity allowing you to specify your preferences with regard to health and welfare and property and finance both for your personal situation and for your business interests.


“Alex has helped my parents and my family create our Wills. She took the time to understand the individual situations and explained to us, putting to bed many concerns about Wills and Powers of Attorneys. I would and have recommended Alex to anybody.” (SH)

Alex Truesdale Wills, experts in Lasting Powers of Attorney

At Alex Truesdale Wills we have been advising and supporting clients in the creation of Lasting Powers of Attorney since 2010 to ensure their interests are protected. Through our personal and practical support, we advise on those who would make the best Attorneys for you within your family or personal network and instruct them accordingly as to their duties. We recommend specific preferences and instructions to include in your LPAs to safeguard your personal situation, beliefs and wishes.

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Our services include liaising with the OPG on all correspondence, to minimise the time needed to register your LPAs.

We are currently offering complimentary Advance Decisions and GPAs to every client for whom we are preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney to ensure they are covered to the greatest extent possible during the OPG registration process.

Remember, should the need for an LPA arise, it is already too late to create one. Don’t postpone this critical step; call us today and take control of your future. Your peace of mind and safeguarded interests are our top priorities.

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