What should my Will cover?

During our first appointment we will take you through the key decisions you will need to make in order for us to prepare your Will:

  • choosing key personnel such as executors, trustees and beneficiaries
  • deciding on the ultimate destination of your assets
  • ensuring your family and property are protected, which may involve the use of will trusts


Your Executors are responsible for administering your estate, organising your funeral, and making sure that your wishes as set out in your Will are carried out. Find out more about Executors


You may wish to leave money or assets in trust for your children, and your Trustees are the individuals responsible for looking after those assets. Find out more about Trustees

Will Trusts

You may wish to retain flexibility over who should inherit and when, and delegate the decision to your trustees, or allow one beneficiary to enjoy assets during their lifetime, after which they pass to another beneficiary. Find out more about Will Trusts

Charitable donations

Many people want to remember one or more charities in their Wills, and gifts to charity are exempt from Inheritance Tax. Find out more about charitable donations

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