Will Trusts

A Will Trust can have several uses. It allows property for minors or young people to be administered on their behalf, retains flexibility where you wish several beneficiaries to inherit but want your trustees to decide whom and when, and allows sequential beneficiaries – where one beneficiary can enjoy the income from an asset before passing full ownership in that asset to another beneficiary.

We offer a range of specialist trusts which can control the destination of your estate in the following situations:

  • trusts for bereaved minors – children who inherit at 18
  • trusts for bereaved young persons, where the child inherits by age 25
  • discretionary trusts, allowing a great deal of flexibility over the choice of beneficiary (who may be the surviving spouse, children, or step-children) , the amount of the bequest, and the circumstances in which bequests are payable
  • life interest trusts, allowing a named beneficiary to occupy, or enjoy the income from, property whilst giving the trustees power to direct the ultimate destination of that property – useful where, for example, you have remarried and want to ensure that your spouse can remain in your family home for life, yet want your children from your first marriage to inherit

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