Taking control

By making a Will you retain control over the ultimate destination of your estate, rather than leaving it to chance and risking family disagreements and court action by those who feel they have been overlooked.

You can:

  • make gifts to whomever you wish – be they family, friends, or charities
  • appoint the executors, guardians and trustees you believe will take the best care of your family and assets
  • in certain circumstances, validly exclude specific individuals from inheriting

You can also:

  • specify your funeral arrangements
  • direct the disposal of your body – by cremation, burial or for research or training purposes
  • indicate your wishes regarding organ and tissue donation

At Alex Truesdale Wills Limited we understand how much peace of mind you will derive from knowing your affairs have been settled in accordance with your wishes, and how important it is to get this right.

Facts about organ donation

  • 10,000 people currently need a transplant in the UK, and three people die every day while waiting
  • while 96% of us would take an organ if we needed one, only 28% of us are on the register
  • simply carrying a donor card does not mean you are on the register. You need to sign up to join the database at
  • Anyone can register on the NHS Organ Donor Register. Age isn’t a barrier to being an organ and/or tissue donor, and nor are most medical conditions

We’re taking the liberty of including organ donor literature in all our information packs – please take a moment to consider whether you too would like to help save lives by donating your organs when you no longer need them.

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