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Diary of a Will Writer – Anything but Morbid

According to the recently published 2023 Report on the Culture of Will Writing by The National Will Register, it was revealed that 1 in 20 respondents find Wills to be excessively gloomy and unsettling.

However, as Alex Truesdale celebrates her thousandth client, she can attest that the reality of Will writing presents a completely different perspective!

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Anything but Morbid

Alex Truesdale shows that the reality of Will writing is anything but morbid in her weekly diary.   This Diary of Will writer article was featured in  The Richmond and Barnes Magazine, in June 2023

The National Will Register’s 2023 Report on the Culture of Will Writing found that 1 in 20 respondents find Wills “too morbid to think about”. Having just welcomed my thousandth client, the reality of Will writing is somewhat different!

Just take my last week…


The funeral of a longstanding client after a long life well lived; Shakespeare read by an RSC actor, a movement from Mozart’s clarinet concerto and plenty of jazz. I am often the ‘first responder’ consulted after a bereavement, supporting the family whilst guiding them through the initial legal stages. Working with clients as part of the Will drafting process to create an estate record through Your LifeFile is increasingly saving the families both time and fees, giving them the confidence to handle the estate administration themselves.  (If you would like to receive a Lifefile, please email us.)

On the way home, I called the Professor of Strings at a national music school to discuss the possible legacy of a Stradivarius violin by clients who wished it to be lent to graduate students. The clients’ aim is to trigger the reduced rate of inheritance tax – 36% – available to those whose philanthropy extends to 10% or more of the value of the overall estate. Now all we have to do is formalise the existing loan agreement with a prominent musician…

Willing to Learn with Alex Truesdale Wills In Cobham Surrey


A desk day, passed in a whirl of drafting and client calls. Although no two Wills are the same, I create Wills, Trusts, and Lasting Powers of Attorney for a flat fee, which avoids clock watching. Whilst some Wills can be completed in a matter of hours, the process can be significantly longer – it may have taken seven years, but my longest running case is now complete!


As a member of Remember a Charity in Your Will I am passionate about encouraging my clients to consider supporting local charitable initiatives, so I was excited to be invited to tour the Princess Alice Hospice. Its ManShed is amazing, filled with banter and sawdust! It gives relatives ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ support whilst teaching woodworking skills – important to those who find it difficult to express grief. The hospice is a light-filled and uplifting haven set in beautiful gardens and I came away determined to support its fundraising, particularly as only 24% of its budget is NHS funded.

I returned to the office to a lovely testimonial. Most cases concern the hypothetical future rather than the actual present, so client meetings often include a great deal of laughter: “Alex did an amazing job in helping us navigate making our Wills and associated Powers of Attorney. She offered candid advice, was brilliant at explaining complex trust structures in layperson’s terms and delivered all this with a huge dose of humour. Who knew that making Wills could end up being fun!”


A meeting with the main beneficiary of a number of lifetime and Will trusts set up by her late husband six years ago. We meet annually with her trustees to check that her, and her stepsons’, needs are being met by the right mix of capital and income. She may well remarry one day: the Will trusts will avoid future conflicts. It’s really rewarding to see the long term plans which we coded into her late husband’s Will coming to fruition, and I regularly draw on this and other situations as case studies when advising new clients on the right Wills for them.My week ended with a wedding invitation! After 27 years together a pair of clients are – on my advice – getting married! This will bring with it significant inheritance tax advantages. It’s the seventh marriage / civil partnership I have ‘inspired’ and seeing clients take that step is incredibly rewarding, and anything but morbid.

It’s just a shame that hat hire isn’t tax deductible…!

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