Funeral pre-payment plans

A well drafted Will usually addresses your funeral wishes: whether you would like to be buried or cremated; whether a religious or humanist funeral is appropriate; and where you would like to be interred or have your ashes scattered. But how do you ensure that your wishes are respected and, more importantly, paid for when the time comes? The answer is: by purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan.

The emotional cost

Whilst few of us relish contemplating our mortality in such detail, leaving a clear set of wishes and preferences for loved ones to follow can greatly reduce the emotional burden on the bereaved.  Family and friends are often faced with the task of arranging a funeral, at short notice, at a time when they are at their most vulnerable. But across the UK, less than half of us have made any financial provision for our deaths or even discussed our wishes with loved ones. Although it may be a difficult conversation to contemplate, discussing preparations for your death can be a way of sharing the final steps in your life with your loved ones, and supporting them when they transition into a new life without you there. Knowing that you have provided for your passing can be of comfort both to you and to your family – you know that you have made the proper arrangements, and they know your final wishes and that you have made arrangements to spare them the burden of doing so.

Financing your funeral

All but the poorest of us are expected to pay for our own funerals – and if we have not made any financial provision, the burden will fall on our survivors.

The cost of funerals, be they burials or cremations, has continued to rise far beyond the rate of inflation. Between 2004 and 2012, the average cost of a funeral in the UK rose from £2,000 to £3,200 – almost 71%. According to a July 2012 Mintel survey conducted for Sun Life Direct, even “standard” cremation fees have risen by 64.1% in the past six years.  And across the south east, the average cost of burial and cremation has risen to £6,082 and £3,411 respectively.

The solution: a pre-paid funeral plan

By purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan (either outright or by instalments) you stipulate the funeral that you want, in as much or as little detail as you wish, and pay – at today’s prices – for the services you wish to have included. Your money is invested in a dedicated, independent fund whose management is regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority, a body which ensures that funeral planners adhere to the appropriate FSA regulations.

There are many benefits to having a pre-paid funeral plan in place. These include:

  • certainty: your wishes and preferences are known in advance
  • control: a funeral plan ensures that your wishes will be respected
  • convenience: you relieve your loved ones of the emotional, financial and administrative burden of arranging – and paying for – your funeral
  • cost: you pay for your funeral at today’s prices, saving thousands of pounds for your heirs

Golden Leaves pre-paid funeral plans

Golden Leaves Funeral Plans

Alex Truesdale Wills Limited has teamed up with leading funeral plan provider Golden Leaves to offer a range of pre-paid funeral plans at competitive rates, ranging from basic services to green funerals and bespoke arrangements which can offer features such as international cover and repatriation and low-carbon options. For further details please speak to us during your consultation or call 07887 946557.

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