Secure Will storage

Once your Will has been executed, it is crucial that you take steps to store the original securely. If your original Will goes missing or is accidentally destroyed, your executors will be unable to proceed as a mere copy cannot be admitted to Probate.

If your original Will is damaged or defaced, the Probate Registry may consider that an attempt has been made to revoke your Will and may refuse to admit it to probate. In either case, your estate will be treated as if you had not made a Will at all – and all the devastating consequences of intestacy will follow.

You have a number of options when considering where to keep your original Will plus associated documents such as Lasting Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives and Memoranda of Wishes.

At a dedicated secure Will storage facility – National Will Safe

The most prudent solution is to store your original Will and associated documents at the National Will Safe Document Storage facility – a unique national, central, storage facility for Wills which overcomes all of the problems with safely caring for important legal documents. For a modest annual fee your documents are:

  • stored in waterproof, tamper-evident wallets
  • stored in a specialist document archive
  • fully insured against loss – and National Will Safe carries professional indemnity insurance of £2 million per client
  • retrievable by you or by us, free of charge and via Royal Mail Special Delivery, at any time
  • returned to your Executors when needed, free of charge
  • recorded on the National Wills Register

Alex Truesdale Wills Limited is offering secure Will storage in conjunction with National Will Safe – contact us for a quote.

At home

If you choose to store your Will at home, the risks include accidental loss, burglary, destruction by fire or flood, or tampering. Executors may simply be unable to lay their hands on even a copy of your Will – either in time to ensure that your funeral wishes are respected, or at all.

With your solicitor

Solicitors tend to offer free secure storage in the hope that, when your executors make an appointment to retrieve the original Will, they can sell them probate and estate administration services whose fees may unnecessarily eat away at the value of your estate. This assumes that your executors know where your original Will is being kept.

At the bank

Banks can charge in excess of £40 per quarter for the safekeeping of original documents – and any offer to do so free of charge is generally conditional upon your appointing the bank as professional executors/trustees – the fees for which would be far in excess of any storage fee. Please note that if you do decide to store documents at your bank, you should NEVER store an original Will in a safety deposit box held in your name – the executors would never be able to retrieve it as opening the box would require the original Will to be produced to probate! Again, your executors may not know that your Will is with a particular bank.

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