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Alex Truesdale Wills Service

Expert services in Cobham for Will Writing, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs), Estate Planning, and Estate Administration at Alex Truesdale Wills Limited. Alex Truesdale offers comprehensive solutions, ensuring your assets are protected, your wishes are respected, and your loved ones’ future is secure.

For more information contact Alex Truesdale or  Call: 07887 946557 for any questions that you may have on Wills or your estate planning needs.

Will Services Alex Truesdale Wills

Will Review Service

Will Writing Services, Wills Service|

Reviewing and Updating your Will. Your Will is a living document and should change as your life and circumstances change. You should review your Will around every 3 to 5 years and consider updating your Will if major life events, such as those listed below, have occurred.

Lasting Powers Of Attorney Services

Estate Planning Services

Estate Administration Services

Estate Administration and Probate

Estate Administration Services:|

Estate administration (commonly known as “probate”) can be a lengthy, frustrating and emotionally draining time even on the simplest of estates. Estate administration can be broken down into a number of stages, involving a number of duties and responsibilities. Our guidelines below take you through the stages of probate and their likely timescales

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